Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food do you feed?

Nutri Source small/medium breed puppy food for the smaller breeds.

Nutri Source large breed puppy food for the larger breeds.

We sell both of these here!

How often should I feed my puppy and how much?

We free feed here to be sure every puppy gets the nutrition they need. Nobody misses a meal this way! We recommend you do the same when your      puppy arrives home. They don’t alway eat a lot right away because they have a whole new life to figure out. Keep food and water available at all              times for the first couple of weeks as they adjust to their new environment. After the first couple of weeks if you choose to feed at certain times of the      day that is fine. There are feeding guidelines on the food bags that give you recommended amounts to feed according to the age and weight of your       puppy.

Will my puppies coloring stay the same as they grow into an adult?

We cannot guarantee color as it is very possible it may change. We have seen some puppies coloring lighten and also some darken as they grow. Some will not change much at all with their coloring.